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Gut Detox - How many sessions do I need?

Twice a week 

Gut Detox - How long should I wait between each session?

48 hours minimum for the detoxification phase 

Gut Detox - What might happen in the detoxification phase?

Feeling Lightheaded, tired, fatigue

Gut Detox - How can I speed up this Phase?

Hydrate, rest, low intensity training, do more cardio like walking, jogging. 

Gut Detox - For Who?

Lose weight,  digestive issues, water retention, swollen ankles or feet. 

Gut Detox - Any Contraindications?

Cancer, osteoporosis, tumor, seizure, infection, fever, chronic blood pressure that is unstable

Recovery - How Many sessions do I need?

Depends on your case 

Recovery - Should I do it before or after my workouts?

Preferably Before to prepare the body for load and reduce risk of injury 

Recovery - Why not taking medications instead?

Medications don’t fix the root cause of the problem, they numb the pain temporarily 

This treatment is for addressing the root cause to give you Long-term results 

Recovery - How do I know if this treatment suits me?

Joint Pain, Muscle stiffness, slow recovery, Lack of flexibility.